Griffons and brabancons belongs to group of social breeds. They have little body but big heart. They have like games, they aren´t conflicting, they are nimbles and  courageous. Who buy the griffon once in life fall through them for whole life. Griffon is the drug with which you can´t stop. He become a darling of whole family. They need a lot of  love they give it a lot too. Beloved partner good for family but for loner too.

Our breeding station is interest in breeding this beutiful breed from 1997.

If you want to have the puppy or ask for anything I´am there for you and I ´ll do my best to advise or help you.
But if you want to share with success and joy of your dog lovers you can do it too

Watch our page we will try to give there new informations about our breeding station and innovate this pages. Each tip to improvement this pages will be welcome. I want to people have like this pages and find there everything what would like to know about griffons.